Nighthack Fade 12 Panel Footbag

Nighthack Pro Footbag
Color Changer, Fade and Strobe


The latest in LED technology takes footbags far into the future!!


Product Description

The hot new present to yourself for 2014!
Nighthack Pro has a LED light module with an ON/OFF twist cap switch inserted into a pro 12 panel footbag!.
You can even replace the batteries! (non-toxic batteries included last 40+ hours).
The Nighthack Light module is surrounded by recycled plastic beads, all contained in a super tough 12 panel Amara Suede shell.

The latest in LED technology powers the new Nighthack Pro Fade footbag!
The amazing new LED light slowly fades and blends through 7 different colors!
The new super tough led light spends a few seconds on each color and then slowly fades to the next color.
Red to yellow to green to blue to turquoise to purple to white and everything in between!
The newest and coolest hack effect available.
You truly have to see it to believe it!

Check out the Nighthack Pro 7 Color Changer!

The amazing new LED light spends a fraction of a second on each color and there are 7 different colors!
Red, yellow, green, blue, turquoise, purple and white.
A footbag that is constantly changing color!

There is a Strobing LED light in the new Nighthack Pro Strobe panel footbag!
The Nighthack Pro Strobe Light contains an amazingly fast flashing LED strobe light.
When in motion the Nighthack Strobe light flashes very fast on and off like a strobe light with a red/blue/green hue.
The Strobe light creates bright tracer lines with flashing ghostly effects.
It’s a footbag that’s a strobe light!
Nighthack is the best high quality light up glow hack available.

All the best ultra bright colors!
Fun is on sale here!


Additional Information

Weight 3.5 oz or .100 kg
Dimensions 7 x 7 x 7 cm
Choose your favorite kind!

Fade, 7 Color Changer, Strobe