Fiber Optic Glow Poi with Blue LED Lights

Fiber Optic Sets
LED Glow Poi
– All Colors


The newest and coolest!  The poi ball lights up and so does the cord! Amazing!

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Product Description

These New Glow Poi are something special.

The rope is a heavy duty fiber optic cable that’s

attached to the ball and the two finger loops.

Turn on the light and the result is an amazement for the eyes!
Pick your favorite colors and take Glow poi spinning into the next dimension.

You get a set of 2 Fiber Optic Poi with lights, batteries, poi balls and fiber optic ropes.
You also get an extra set of batteries free as a special promotion.

(batteries included last 40+ hours)
Be sure no one has seen this before!
Brand new for 2013!

Additional Information

Weight 5oz each or .120 kg
Dimensions 7 x 7 x 7 cm
Choose a Color

Fade Set of 2, Strobe Set of 2, 7 Color Changer Set of 2, Fade + Strobe Set, Fade + Changer Set, Strobe + Changer Set, Red Set of 2, Blue Set of 2, Pink Set of 2, White Set of 2, Green Set of 2, Purple Set of 2, Orange Set of 2, Turquoise Set of 2, Red + Pink Set, Red + White Set, Red + Green Set, Red + Purple Set, Red + Orange Set, Red + Turquoise Set, Blue + Red Set, Blue + Pink Set, Blue + White Set, Blue + Green Set, Blue + Purple Set, Blue + Orange Set, Blue + Turquoise Set, Pink + Purple Set, Pink + Orange Set, Pink + Turquoise Set, White + Pink Set, White + Purple Set, White + Orange Set, White + Turquoise Set, Green + Pink Set, Green + White Set, Green + Purple Set, Green + Orange Set, Green + Turquoise Set, Purple + Orange Set, Purple + Turquoise Set, Orange + Turquoise Set


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LED Glow Poi
– All Colors”