Jugglo Juggle Ball
Replacement Batteries


Get a set of extra batteries and keep on glowing!
Jugglo, Jugglo Pro and 12 Panel juggle ball batteries
Now available!

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Jugglo and Jugglo Pro extra batteries now available!

It’s easy to replace the batteries in your Jugglo Juggle balls.

We buy bulk and pass on the savings to you.
Three AG12 batteries are needed for 1 Jugglo Pro in all colors.
Two CR2016 batteries are needed for 1 Jugglo juggle ball in all colors.

Jugglo battery packs last 40+ hours!

Additional information

Weight 0.02 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm
number of batteries

3 batteries (for 1 Jugglo Pro ball), 2 batteries (for 1 Jugglo juggle ball), 3 batteries (for 1 Jugglo 12 Panel ball), 9 batteries (for 3 Jugglo Pro balls), 6 batteries (for 3 Jugglo Juggle balls), 9 batteries (for 3 Jugglo 12 Panel balls)