Jugglo LED Juggling Balls

Jugglo Juggle Sets
LED Juggling Balls
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An amazing LED juggle ball with a bean bag look and feel and it light’s up!


Product Description

Jugglo LED Juggle Ball Sets!
Get a set of 3  Jugglo LED Juggle Balls for a great price !
Three great glowing LED juggle balls available in any pattern or color!
They are amazing!
Jugglo is a clear plastic glowing LED juggle ball with a soft shell surrounding recycled plastic beads.
It feels like a firm bean bag. It is 2.75 inches in diameter and weighs 4 ounces.
The LED light module is inserted into the shell.  Amazing!
The light and batteries can also be easily changed.
Very cool and very amazing!

Additional Information

Weight each ball is 5 oz or .150 kg
Dimensions 7 x 7 x 7 cm
Choose your colors:

Red Set of 3 Balls, Blue Set of 3 Balls, Pink Set of 3 Balls, White Set of 3 Balls, Green Set of 3 Balls, Purple Set of 3 Balls, Orange Set of 3 Balls, Turquoise Set of 3 Balls, Red+Blue+Green Set, Red+Blue+White Set, Red+Blue+Pink Set, Red+Blue+Purple Set, Red+Blue+Orange Set, Red+Blue+Turquoise Set, Red+Pink+Green Set, Red+Pink+White Set, Red+Pink+Purple Set, Red+Pink+Orange Set, Red+Pink+Turquoise Set, Red+Green+White Set, Red+Green+Purple Set, Red+Green+Orange Set, Red+Green+Turquoise Set, Red+White+Blue Set, Red+White+Purple Set, Red+White+Orange Set, Red+White+Turquoise Set, Red+Purple+Orange Set, Red+Purple+Turquoise Set, Red+Orange+Turquoise Set, Purple+Red+Blue set, Purple+Blue+Green set, Blue+Green+Turquoise set, Pink+Orange+Turquoise set,

Want to add a Juggle Ball or Two?

No Thanks, 3 is lots!, + 1 extra Green Ball, + 1 extra Blue Ball, + 1 extra Red Ball, + 1 extra White Ball, + 1 extra Orange Ball, + 1 extra Turquoise Ball, + 1 extra Purple Ball, + 1 extra Pink Ball, + 2 extra Green Balls, + 2 extra Blue Balls, + 2 extra Red Balls, + 2 extra White Balls, + 2 extra Orange Balls, + 2 extra Turquoise Balls, + 2 extra Purple Balls, + 2 extra Pink Balls