Glow Poi XL Sets! Huge LED Glowing Poi Balls!


The New Jumbo Glow Poi are Huge!

They are incredible to watch and spin!


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The new  Glow Poi XL are Huge! Amazing to watch and incredible to spin!

They are 90mm or 3.75 inches in diameter and weigh 130 grams or 3.8 ounces each.

You also can pick any light color combination to go with your  Glow Poi XL Set!

You get 2  Glow Poi XL with ropes, each glow poi contains an LED light and batteries.

Twist the cap and the Glow Poi turn on.

It’s all you need to get started spinning right away!
New  Glow Poi XL are the newest and coolest!


Additional information

Weight 1303.75 kg
Dimensions 90 × 90 × 90 cm
Choose a set color:

Fade Set, Color Changer Set, Strobe Set, Fade+Changer Set, Fade+Strobe Set, Changer+Strobe Set, Blue Set, Red Set, Green Set, White Set, Pink Set, Purple Set, Orange Set, Turquoise Set, Red+Green Set, Red+Blue Set, Green+Turquoise Set, Red+White Set, Purple+Pink Set, Blue+Purple Set, Blue+Green Set, Red+Green Set, Red+Orange Set, Red+Turquoise Set, Red+Pink Set, Red+Purple Set, Pink+Purple Set, Blue+Turquoise Set, Blue+White Set, Blue+Pink Set, Blue+Purple Set, Green+White Set, Green+Orange Set, Green+Pink Set, Green+Purple Set, Turq+White Set, Turq+Pink Set, Turq+Purple Set, Turq+Orange Set, or Special request