LED All Light
Super Stick Poi
27 Modes!


Create waves of amazing color with the All Light Super Stick Poi, choose  between 27 modes!



The new Super Stick Poi is beyond anything we thought imaginable!

2 LED All Lights powered by one AAA rechargeable lithium battery make this LED Glow stick

the brightest multi-functional stick poi we’ve ever seen!
27 modes to choose from!

Just press a button and choose a color or pattern.

Then make the pattern fade or strobe at  any speed you want for hours and hours.

Then just change the battery, charge up your used battery and keep going!

Truly amazing.

You get 1 or 2  Super Stick Poi (12″ x 1″) each with 2 LED All Lights attached to adjustable ropes,

rechargeable lithium batteries and extra AAA lithium batteries with a battery charger.

They are tough and ready to spin! You get it all with this set!

Create waves of color beyond the imagination.

Amaze everyone everywhere!

Additional information

Weight 5..130 kg
Dimensions 30 × 2.5 × 2.5 cm
Choose 1 or 2 Super Sticks

2 Super Stick Poi with Ropes, 1 Super Stick Poi with Rope