Jugglo Pro LED Juggle Ball Set

Jugglo Pro Sets
LED Juggle Balls
– All Colors


Jugglo Pro light up glowing juggle balls use Ultra Bright LED lights!


Product Description

Get our great new 70mm glowing juggle balls all the same color or mix the colors up!
You get a set of 3 Jugglo Pro juggle balls with your choice of solid colors! All the same or all different!
The Jugglo Pro light up glowing juggle ball is 2.75 inches in diameter and weighs 5 ounces.
It lights up with an ultra bright LED light and the replaceable batteries are included (40+ hours of play)

Amazing to watch and so fun to glow juggle!

Additional Information

Weight each ball is 5 oz or .150 kg
Dimensions 7 x 7 x 7 cm
Color Choice

Blue set of 3 Balls, Green set of 3 Balls, White set of 3 Balls, Turquoise set of 3 Balls, Pink set of 3 Balls, Purple set of 3 Balls, Orange set of 3 Balls, Red set of 3 Balls, Red+Blue+Green set, Red+Green+White set, Purple+Red+Blue set, Red+White+Blue set, Pink+Orange+Turqoise set, Purple+Blue+Green set, Blue+Green+Turqoise set

Want to add a Juggle Ball or Two?

No Thanks, 3 is lots!, + 1 extra Green Ball, + 1 extra Blue Ball, + 1 extra Red Ball, + 1 extra White Ball, + 1 extra Orange Ball, + 1 extra Turquoise Ball, + 1 extra Purple Ball, + 1 extra Pink Ball, + 2 extra Green Balls, + 2 extra Blue Balls, + 2 extra Red Balls, + 2 extra White Balls, + 2 extra Orange Balls, + 2 extra Turquoise Balls, + 2 extra Purple Balls, + 2 extra Pink Balls