Jugglo Pro Sets
Color Changer, Fade and Strobe


Fade, 7 Color Changer and Strobe  Jugglo Pro light up glowing juggle balls use latest in LED technology!



The amazing Jugglo Pro 7 Color Fade Glowing Juggle Balls!
Amazing new LED lights slowly fade and blend through 7 different colors!
The new tough LED lights spend a few seconds on each color and then slowly fade into the next color.
Red to yellow to green to blue to turquoise to purple to white and everything in between!
The newest and coolest glow juggle ball effects available!


Jugglo Pro 7 Color Changer set of 3 juggling balls
The new LED light spends a fraction of a second per color on 7 different constantly changing colors!
Red, yellow, green, blue, turquoise, purple and white with no black space between colors!
Take your juggle art to the next level!
This juggle show leaves them breathless!


Jugglo Pro Strobe set of 3 juggling balls
Amazing fast strobe LED light enters juggling into a new dimension!
Strobe Light Sets contain amazingly fast flashing LED strobe lights.
When in motion the Jugglo Pro Strobe light flashes very fast on and off like a strobe light with a red/blue/green hue.
The Strobe light creates bright tracer lines with flashing ghostly effects.
It’s a juggle ball that’s a strobe light!


You get a set of 3 Jugglo Pro Juggle Balls containing ultra bright LED lights.
The batteries are included (last 40+ hours) and are replaceable.
You truly have to see it to believe it!

Additional information

Weight 5.150 kg
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 7 cm
Color Choice

Fade set of 3, 7 Color Changer set of 3, Strobe set of 3, Fade+Changer+Strobe set

Want to add a Juggle Ball or Two?

No Thanks, 3 is Lots!, + 1 extra Fade Juggle Ball, + 1 extra Color Changer Juggle Ball, + 1 extra Strobe Juggle Ball, + 2 extra Fade Juggle Balls, + 2 extra Color Changer Juggle Balls, + 2 extra Strobe Juggle Balls