Glow Poi Pro Sets
7 Color Changer, Fade and Strobe


The latest in LED technology takes Glow Poi into the future!



The latest in LED technology takes Glow Poi into the future!
Glow Poi Fade Poi Sets

Use Ultra Bright LED technology!
Theses amazing new LED lights spend a few seconds on a color and then slowly fade and blend into the next color
and there are 7 different colors!

Red to yellow to green to blue to turquoise to purple to white and everything in between!
A slowly changing stream of color! Very cool! The newest and coolest poi effect available!
You truly have to see it to believe it!

 7 Color Changer Poi Sets

Amazing Color Changing Ultra Bright LED technology!!

Amazing Ultra Bright 7 Color Changing LED light creates colors!

Each poi ball changes quickly through 7 different colors!

Red, yellow, green, blue, turquoise, purple and white.

Create a colorful and constantly changing light show!

Strobe Light Poi Sets

Experience the unbelievable Glow Poi Strobe LED Light Set with ropes.
Create cool tracer effects with LED Strobe lights!
Strobe Light Sets contain amazingly fast flashing LED Strobe lights.
They take poi spinning to a different dimension.

When in motion the Glow poi Strobe light flashes very fast on and off like a strobe light with a red/blue/green hue.
The Strobe light creates bright tracer lines with flashing ghostly effects. It’s a poi ball that’s a strobe light!
Glow poi Strobe Sets, they’re new and unbelievable!

What you get!

Order includes 2 Glow Poi Pro Balls with 2 LED Lights with batteries and 2 Adjustable Poi Ropes.

Each rope has 2 comfy finger loops.
Our new on/off switch is smoother than ever!
Each Glow Poi Pro contains heavy duty swivels to attach your poi rope to.
The ropes are made tough climbing cord with 2 soft finger loops and a ball attach clip.
The rope can be adjusted anywhere from 1.5 feet to 2.5 feet.

Just amazing!!

Additional information

Weight 3.5.12 kg
Dimensions 3.25 × 3.25 × 3.25 cm
Color Choice

Fade set of 2, 7 Color Changer set of 2, Strobe set of 2, Fade+Changer set of 2, Fade+Strobe Set of 2, Changer+Strobe set of 2