Atom Poi Sets
New and Cool
Light up LED Poi


New LED technology creates the futuristic Atom Poi



Atom poi are very new and very cool!
Multi colored tubes with a heavy duty swivel surround a
Ultra Bright LED light module to create the dazzling Atom poi.

Atom Poi have Ultra Bright LED lights and there is an on/off twist switch for instant fun!
The batteries are included and replaceable (batteries included last 40+ hours).

Also included are a set of 2 adjustable ropes with swivels and 2 comfy finger loops.

Prepare to have the amazing Atom poi experience!

All the colors look amazing so just pick your favorite!

You have to see it to believe it!!

Additional information

Weight 3.5.12 kg
Dimensions 3.25 × 3.25 × 3.25 cm
Choose your colors:

Fade Set of 2, Strobe Set of 2, 7 Color Changer Set of 2, Fade + Strobe Set, Fade + Changer Set, Strobe + Changer Set, Red Set of 2, Blue Set of 2, Pink Set of 2, White Set of 2, Green Set of 2, Purple Set of 2, Orange Set of 2, Turquoise Set of 2, Red + Pink Set, Red + White Set, Red + Green Set, Red + Purple Set, Red + Orange Set, Red + Turquoise Set, Blue + Red Set, Blue + Pink Set, Blue + White Set, Blue + Green Set, Blue + Purple Set, Blue + Orange Set, Blue + Turquoise Set, Pink + Purple Set, Pink + Orange Set, Pink + Turquoise Set, White + Pink Set, White + Purple Set, White + Orange Set, White + Turquoise Set, Green + Pink Set, Green + White Set, Green + Purple Set, Green + Orange Set, Green + Turquoise Set, Purple + Orange Set, Purple + Turquoise Set, Orange + Turquoise Set