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New Amazing Multi Color  Multi-Function Beginner Glow poi



Get ready for the new incredible Multi Color, Multi-Function Beginner Glow Poi!

The Nine Multi Function Glow Poi has the ability to choose and stop on 7 different solid colors

and one 5 color Fade function, and one 8 color Fade function.

All with the press of a button!  Simply amazing!
The new shell is super soft to the touch and bounces back into shape.
Perfect for learning!
The solid colors are Red, Green, Blue, Amber, Light Blue, Purple/Pink, Orange Mist.
There is also a 5 color Fade function and an 8 color slow Fade function.

You get two super soft vinyl poi balls 3.25 inches in diameter weighing 3 ounces each.

They each have a heavy duty swivel ring that attaches your Poi ropes to the ball.

The two poi ropes have 2 comfy finger loop handles on each rope.

One 9 multi function LED light module with an on/off/function button switch is contained in each poi ball.

Just press the button to change colors or functions!
The batteries are included and replaceable, they last 40+ hours for tons of  Fun!
New, cool and amazing!

Additional information

Weight 3..100 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 cm
Choose a Set:

Nine Function Set with Ropes (2 Poi)